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You can enter each of your llamas or alpacas into Lama Market and manage your online herd. When you are ready to sell one of them, just mark them for sale

My 11 year old llama is showing all the signs of being infected with the meningeal worm. My vet is having me give him injections of Ivermectin once a day for 3 days, off 3 days, then on 3 days for a month

I've designed some quilting fabric and some pillow panels that showcase Llamas. Several of my customers suggested I share the pictures here for you llama llovers :)

For the last ten or so years, I have been showing llama in my local 4-H club. I have had numerous llamas, all ending in heartache after owners got our of 4-H or animals were sold. After my last llama was sold, I started over with a spunky little cria named Mia. She was a spitfire as a baby, making us chase her all through the fields and bucking as we tried to dry her off after rain. We bonded quickly despite her spunk. She and I have been together through a lot... parades, shows, fair week,…

I now have one male(Osama Bob Llama) and two females( Momma and Dolly Llama). I must say they keep me smiling. My girls are getting use to me but are still a little jumpy. No one hurts them here. I love these critters.

Well lets hope the new fence will stop the river monsters (llamas of course) from crossing into sheep field and causing chaos with the locals, eating the flowers and gazon in the gardens is not a good idea. Although the river is now almost dry it has never stopped them unless really deep and fast flowing they love to stand in it. Now though its back to fetching and carrying tubs of water to fill the trough. At least the hay is cut so even if they go walkabout in that direction should not caus any harm


Hi, we are in process of planning a long distance move from Bozeman MT to near Flagstaff Arizona in just two weeks. We would appreciate any advice about safe places to stop overnight and rest our three gelded llamas en route. We would love to avoid Salt Lake City if anyone knows of a better route to take. The llamas are in good physical condition and will be traveling in an older two horse trailer that has been inspected and approved for travel.

All of the llamas are doing much better. They are starting to gain weight at a good rate. All of them have much more spunk than before. I actually caught Trekker climbing the panels to reach his head through to the food. I had never seen a llama use their toes like that before. Aaron (our less social boy) is getting a bit better with use. He now gets excited when we come to the pens. I am hoping that it will not take much time to get him to trust us better.

Diana Blair, Craig Stevens and I, traveled to the east side of Montana to take a look at some llamas needing a home. When we arrived it was a horrific site. They were underfed, starving, and hadn't had water in days. We made two trips to bring them all back to the flathead valley where we could take care of them. So after driving over 800 miles they all arrived safely. I have to give thanks to Dr. Charlene Esch at Ashley Creek Animal Clinic.

Maria, without an h. Peeking through the vinyl door. If you are a breeder of llamas, you take many factors into consideration when selecting an animal to add to your herd. Just makes sense to get fiber, temperament, size, blood lines, guardian and performance types in your breeding plan.